Our Mission

Helping you channel your full potential

Helping women improve their employment and/or economic self-sufficiency.

Our Mission

The Mission of the foundation is to provide assistance or scholarships to women and/or youth of the State of Indiana and to improve their employment and/or economic self-sufficiency. The programs to be funded include, but are not limited to:

  • Young women starting or preparing for the business or professional world
  • Women desiring to obtain better training or advancement in their careers
  • Training or re-training of women in a business or professional field – entering initially or re-entering
  • Any woman desiring to complete her GED, graduate, post graduate studies, master’s or doctoral degrees or advanced studies of any kind
  • Any woman desiring to do research in an area relating to the advancement of women, especially the field of, but not limited to, the legal status of women and
  • Programs introducing youth to career opportunities, life awareness, and recognizing youth for personal achievements.

The Foundation raises funds through partnerships with Indiana businesses, industries, organizations, and philanthropic individuals.  The Foundation depends upon gifts, donations, tributes, memorials, and bequests as sources for its funding. Members, local organizations, foundations, individuals, or other groups may make contributions supportive of the Foundation objectives.



Adherence to a code of moral values


No concern for race, religion for various scholarships


Work to help women achieve equality in education


To help women attain their desired goals


Support the growth of the future for women and families