Aiming for sustainability and growth…

Focusing on the key elements of sustainabilty…

The Foundation has divided its goal setting into long and short term goals.  The long term goals are aimed directly at the sustainability and growth of the Foundation.  These goals are concerned with 7 of the key elements of sustainability (all of which are important) and have been prioritized by the Board of Trustees as follows:

  • A clear focus on the Foundation’s goals.
  • Leaders who take responsibility for their Foundation’s success.
  • Involvement of State Federation Leaders, partner organizations, and a wide variety of State of Indiana members.
  • Comprehensive foundation planning builds sustainability.
  • Diversified funding.
  • Ability to adapt to changing needs.
  • Address problems that the State Federation cares about and demonstrates results.

Short Term Goals (those which are to be reached in no more than 2 years) are:

a. Have identified and implemented at least one new project for women and youth.

b. Have sponsored at least one workshop at a Federation

Conference and/or Convention Criteria:

  1. Education Workshop or Keynote Speaker
  2. Consistent with IWEF Mission Statement
  3. Cost not to exceed $500.00


Opened Eighth Grade Essay Contest to boys.

Increased number of scholarships given.

Developed and maintained active web site. (Marketing program to extend to members and non-members through Indiana.)

Have one corporate sponsor.

 Identify and implement at least one new project for youth utilizing the Conni Richards Youth Fund.

Creation of a new Scholarship Fund – Teaching Indiana’s Future Scholarship.

Creation of “Youth Incentive.”

Redesigning of Awards Luncheon at State Convention.